Charcoal & Wood Soy Candle

Charcoal & Wood Soy Candle


Short, dark, and handsome.

Our new charcoal concrete holder, tinted with natural iron oxide, and finished with a wooden wick. These candles burn like regular candles, but with the quiet crackle of burning wood. We made these with cozy winters in mind, and they come in Cedarwood & Orange and Sweet Nutmeg, but if you would like another one of our blends, just shoot us a message and we can gladly make you one!

All our concrete holders are sealed and cured for minimum three weeks before sending out, and each has a cork bottom to protect surfaces from scratches and heat. This candle is 8 ounces, for a total weight of 1.02 kg, with a 40+ hour burn time.


  • Make sure your wick is trimmed to 3/16″ before lighting. If your wick is extinguishing or producing little flame, it's likely that your wick is too long and the wax isn't able to pull up.
  • Recommended burn time is 3 hours to prevent over-heating, if you burn for longer careful when handling, as the concrete holder will be very hot.
  • For optimal use, allow the pool of melted wax to reach the edges of the holder each time you light it.
  •  Don’t leave candles unattended, or within reach of children, pets, or flammable items.
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